What Do People Truly See You As?

People see you as Truly Dark. Congradulations. Your
are dark by nature and not just because it's
cool. Dark people are not always loners but
definatly not the center of attention either.
Many people are the dark are like the shadows
and can conform into any shape they need to be.
But the dark can't be hidden forever. It's
often only a matter of time untill you tire of
the charade and show your darkness. Thus how
those in the dark remian solitary. Being dark
does not always mean your gloomy, you are
probably just artistic. Whether is be in the
drawing, music,painting, or singing. If you can
find a friend who shares your twisted ideals or
is willing to brave the iceiness of your world,
hang on to them for how rare it is to find a
light in the dark.

What Do People Truly See You As? (lots of outcomes and stunning pictures)
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Nie no bez przesady, nie mam niebieskiej sukienki :}, bo wcale nie mam sukienki :|
Kurcza, ten test to chyba byl dla kobiet (ROTFL) :P

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